Local Activism

  Tonight on Blunt Youth Radio, join hosts Gabby F. and Izzy T. as they discuss activism events local and nationwide. This evening on WMPG from 7:30-8:30 PM, we will investigate some causes Mainers are fighting for everyday, as well as some of the minds behind activism across the country. Join us as we shed light on USM budget cuts here … Continue reading »

Urban Exploring, 11.17.14

  Blunt Youth Radio’s hosts Milena Germon, Matt Osman, and Violet Sulka/Hewes investigate the topic of “Urban Exploring,” the exploration of lost and seldom-visited places. The show includes a feature produced by Leo Hilton and conversations with guests Ryan Prescott, from Abandonment Maine (www.abandonmentofmaine.com), David Fiske, author of Forgotten on the Kennebec: Abandoned Places and … Continue reading »

Net Neutrality — Online Privacy

Net Neutrality — Online Privacy

The internet is a resource that almost all of us rely upon in our daily lives for work, school, and entertainment. Should corporations, the government, or other people be allowed to know everything that you do on the internet? Should ISPs be allowed to choose what information you can see and a what speed? Join … Continue reading »

Public (Dis)Trust of Police

  Join hosts Lucy and Gaby as they discuss the local and national public’s trust of the police. Our guests for the night include: Grainne Dunne, the justice coordinator for the ACLU of Maine Bethany Sack, the leader of a group of Portland citizens working to find alternatives to police and Pious Ali, a Portland … Continue reading »

~~~SPOOKY SHOW!!!~~~

  Ready to be spooked?! Join hosts Sophie and Aidan as they kick off spooky season by talking with guests from Finalrune Productions and the Maine Historical Society about Portland’s Halloween scene and all things spooky! Tonight! 10/27/14 from 7:30-8:30pm listen at 90.9, 104.1, or wmpg.org Strap on your devil horns and grab your pumpkin carving supplies, … Continue reading »