Bullies and Victims

Blunt Youth Radio’s Alice Kenny and Lucy Tabb talk to Stan Davis and Sophie Payson. Stan Davis is a civil rights advocate, author of Youth Voice Project, and founder of Stop Bullying Now. Sophie Payson is a social worker at Portland High School. Learn more here. http://www.youthvoiceproject.com/yvpbriefsummaryDec2013.pdf. What Works

Life After High School: College, Jobs, and Finances

Join hosts Joliet Morrill and Setareh Jalali tonight as they discuss college and how to pay for it. Studies have shown that the class of 2015 graduates are the most indebted ever at $1.3 trillion, so what are prospective college students supposed to do? They will be speaking to past Blunt members Leo Hilton, Meggie … Continue reading

In The Public Eye

Join Aidan Mitchell and Sophie Frantz as they discuss editorials and being in the public eye with political consultant Alan Caron and Ethan Brouder from Greely Highschool. Alan Caron article in the Portland Press herald http://www.pressherald.com/2015/10/01/alan-caron-maines-witnessing-an-erratic-vindictive-governor-going-off-the-rails/ Ethan Brouder’s article in the Bangor Daily News http://bangordailynews.com/2016/01/14/opinion/contributors/why-we-shouldnt-label-gmos-or-gmo-free-foods-for-that-matter/ http://bangordailynews.com/2016/01/14/opinion/contributors/why-we-shouldnt-label-gmos-or-gmo-free-foods-for-that-matter/

The Life of David Bowie

This evening, join hosts Moses Small and Alice Kenny as they discuss the life of space oddity David Bowie. They will be accompanied by Shelton Waldrep, Professor of English at the University of Southern Maine and author of “Future Nostalgia: Performing David Bowie”. Our fantastic hosts and guest will explore how David Bowie impacted the world’s fashion, music, and … Continue reading

School Safety and Debunking Myths

Tonight on Blunt hosts Sophie Frantz and Peter Mazjanis will be talking with superintendent Jenne Crocker, Portland High School vice principle Kathleen Marquis-Girard as well as the student school board representative Ludiya Abdalla. We will talk about maintaining a safe school environment, whether it be from outside threats or bullying within the school.       … Continue reading

Generation Gap

It can be easy for this generation to believe that they are being exclusively targeted by the older generation at the moment, but it has become increasingly clear over time that every generation experiences this gap in some way. Join hosts Joliet Morrill and Setareh Jalali tonight as they discuss the prevalence of the generation … Continue reading

New technology

Join Hosts Matice Maino and Aidan Mitchell, as they tackle the good and the bad effects of technology. They will be talking about serious problems, such as sexting, or important advances, such as the steps we are taking towards a smart world. We will be talking to guests such as Michael Wolfe,founder of NextMarket Insights … Continue reading

Gender Theory

Join hosts Peter Mazjanis and Milena Germon as they explore the broad world of gender. They will be speaking to Lisa Walker, Associate Professor of English and Director of Women & Gender Studies at the University of Southern Maine; Oamshri Amarasingham, public policy counsel of ACLU Maine; and Gia Drew, program coordinator at EqualityMaine and president of the … Continue reading

Current Music

TWEEN MUSIC LOVERS UNITE! Join hosts Joliet Morrill, Setareh Jalali, and Aidan Mitchell, as they dive into the musical waters and discuss music things. Expect to hear a roast of Frank Ocean, a praise of Twenty One Pilots and others, and more! Also, in the first half, we will be joined with the founder of … Continue reading