Dance Around The World -Matt Osman

Tonight please listen to Blunt Youth Radio as we talk about dance around the world. Our hosts will be Rosemary Santoro and Malcolm Purington, and we will have one feature from Matt Osman who is a reporter from Blunt Youth Radio. His piece will be talking about a dance teacher who he interviewed at Paths, … Continue reading »

Fairness and Equality: Part 2

Join hosts Milena Germon and Mosses Small as they discuss the History of Fairness and Equality in the United States. They will be joined by Pious Ali from the Muskie School of Law and Nicole d’Entremont a teacher and activist that participated in the Selma-Montgomery march in 1965.

Lewiston Middle School Visitors

Join hosts Izzy Terricciano and Sophie Frantz as they meet seventh and eighth graders Jackson Boswell, Hawa Hassan, Maria Muhumed, Brianna Hannan, Hassan, and Frances Breton from Lewiston Middle School in a discussion of youth radio productions.

Crowd funding for Youth Empowerment: Keep the Legacy Alive

Crowd funding for Youth Empowerment: Keep the Legacy Alive

$upport YOUTH EMPOWERMENT through RADIO since 1994—  Donate: or 207-874-3000          Tonight Blunt Youth Radio is fund-raising for our radio home, WMPG. Call 207-874-3000 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. EST, or donate online at And don’t forget to mention that Blunt sent you (so’s we get the credit). As you know … Continue reading »

Spring Begathon

Join hosts Leo Hilton and Milena Germon as they share their personal experiences and experiences from current and former Blunt members. Testimonial from past Blunt members including Maia Chong, Josh GleasonLibby Donovan, Meaghan Lasalla, Spencer Scott, and Molly Adams makes the show lively and full of interesting anecdotes and personal stories. This show delves into … Continue reading »

Life as an Immigrant 3/16/15

Blunt Youth Radio hosts Sophie Frantz and Matice Maino discuss what life is like for recent immigrants to the US with the following guests: -Nassar Rohani -Bethany Edmunds -Claudette Ndayininahaze -Hugue Roland Ingabire -Ali Almshakheel

Body Image

Join hosts Savanhan Plumber and Sophie Frantz as they talk about teen body image. They will joined by Patrice Lockheart from The New England eating Disorder program at Mercy Hospital. Along with lindy Graham a teen health physician and Caroline Ross a young woman in the Hearty Girls activist group.