New technology

Join Hosts Matice Maino and Aidan Mitchell, as they tackle the good and the bad effects of technology. They will be talking about serious problems, such as sexting, or important advances, such as the steps we are taking towards a smart world. We will be talking to guests such as Michael Wolfe,founder of NextMarket Insights … Continue reading »

Gender Theory

Join hosts Peter Mazjanis and Milena Germon as they explore the broad world of gender. They will be speaking to Lisa Walker, Associate Professor of English and Director of Women & Gender Studies at the University of Southern Maine; Oamshri Amarasingham, public policy counsel of ACLU Maine; and Gia Drew, program coordinator at EqualityMaine and president of the … Continue reading »

Current Music

TWEEN MUSIC LOVERS UNITE! Join hosts Joliet Morrill, Setareh Jalali, and Aidan Mitchell, as they dive into the musical waters and discuss music things. Expect to hear a roast of Frank Ocean, a praise of Twenty One Pilots and others, and more! Also, in the first half, we will be joined with the founder of … Continue reading »

Iran Nuclear Deal

How much do you know about the Iran Nuclear Deal? What happened in the deal, and what does it mean for the United States, Iran, and the World? Join hosts Moses Small and Setareh Jalali as they explore this topic. They are joined by Reza Marashi from the National Iranian American Council, Iranian-American Mostapha Aghamoosa, … Continue reading »


Tonight’s show is on a very controversial topic- opiates, opiate addiction, and recovery. Hosts Aidan Mitchell and Peter Mazjanis will be speaking with Zoe Odlin-Platz and Anne Spencer of the Needle Exchange, part of the India Street Public Health Center.  The Needle Exchange helps drug users stay safe by exchanging their dirty and used syringes for … Continue reading »

Video Games

Tonight’s episode, hosted by Nathaniel Harrington and Aidan Mitchell, focuses on video games and the people who make them. There are three very special guests: Mikee, community manager and voice actor for Insurgency, who has also worked on Underhell and Black Mesa; Lilith Zone of, who makes all sorts of bizarre and thought-provoking games; … Continue reading »

Upcoming Presidential Election: Part 2

Join hosts Joliet Morrill and Setareh Jalali as they discuss the upcoming presidential election, the candidates, current issues, and the importance of youth voting. This is part 2 in our presidential election series, and this time we’re switching things up and taking a look from the Republican side. Guests include Abby Bennett, a student at … Continue reading »

Local Artists and Businesses

What does buying local mean to you? Being in Maine, Portland especially, we are in an area that values local businesses. Not only do we value local businesses, but we also value local arts. From musicians to nonprofit organizations like Space Gallery, Portland is full of opportunity. Tonight on Blunt, we’re speaking with two people that … Continue reading »



Tonight, hosts Joliet Morrill and Milena Germon host an intriguing show on stress, including a short piece by Matt Osman. Guests include clinical psychologist Gordon Street, and Alan Comeau, the communications director at Acadia Hospital and executive producer of “The Road Back”, a film about the stigma surrounding adolescent mental health.   A link to “The Road … Continue reading »