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01 Blunt Live Show – May Day 1


With the coming of May first, many people’s minds steer towards the financial issues brought up by May Day, the international workers’ day. Issues such as student debt, wealth, and income inequality are brought to the forefront of people’s minds as general strikes, sit-ins, and teach-ins happen worldwide. At Blunt, many of us will soon have to deal with college debt.

My name is Felix Pieske.

And, I’m Isaac High.

And this is Blunt Youth Radio, award winning youth radio since 1994. Tonight on Blunt we will speak with Peter Kellman, executive member of the Maine AFL CIO and former president of the Southern Maine Labor Council. In the second half of the show we’ll be talking with Kevin Simowitz, the York County organizer for the Maine People’s Alliance, about the May First Rally for Immigration Reform. Also, Charlotte Royer, former NYU student will be joining us to talk about college debt.

We would like to remind you that this is a call-in show, if you have any questions, comments, or anecdotes, please call us at 780-4909 again that’s 780-4909.


  • History of May Day with Peter Kellman: 7:30PM


Peter Kellman

Souther Maine Labor Council, AFL-CIO board, long-time labor activist

Intro for Peter Kellman:

Peter Kellman is an anti-war activist, author, and an American union leader. He was a civil rights activist, working with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in Alabama in the 1960’s.  He has taught labor history, worked with the Maine AFL-CIO, and he was president of the Southern Maine Labor Council.

  • Wealth Inequality Video

Wealth Inequality in America

*start at 1:36

9 Countries With A Higher Minimum Wage Than The U.S.

As High School students, we’re particularly interested in rising college debt.

  • Immigrant Rights / Maine People’s Alliance with Kevin Simowitz 8:00 PM

Kevin Simowitz

York County Organizer – Maine People’s Alliance

INTRO: Welcome back to blunt, #, etc, Now we’ll be speaking to Kevin Simowitz, the York County Organizer for the Maine People’s Alliance, an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of Mainers, including immigrants. Kevin and the MPA are organizing a rally for immigration reform in Maine.

  • College Debt Part Two

Debt is a big part of income inequality.

As High School students, we’re particularly interested in rising college debt.

How Unequal We Are: The Top 5 Facts You Should Know About The Wealthiest One Percent Of Americans

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May Day’s radical history

Choosing a Scholarship Over a College Name Brand

A Dangerous ‘New Normal’ in College Debt

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