Agriculture: June 3rd

In response to Professor Mark Lapping’s estimate that 10-14% of the average Mainer’s diet is local food, guest Dawud Ummah says “that means there’s at least an 85% growth rate there.” This week we are looking at Maine’s potential with local agriculture.
Before the Break:
Dawud Ummah the President of Center for African Heritage, and Kailey Taylor, the youth supervisor for Tidewater Farms come in to share the aspects of the programs at the Center. Then, phone-in guest Jessie Dowling from MOFGA speaks about GMOs and weighs in on the proposed Farm Bill facing the Senate.
After the break:
Crystal Gamet is the coordinator aiding in Portland Farmer’s Market use of food stamps to provide organic and local foods with people around them. Listen to a feature by Blunt Youth producer Olivia Bradstreet, and hear about Farm and Homestead Day with MOFGA landscape coordinator Joe DuPree.
From the show:
Want to be involved in the agricultural program at CFAH? Go to their website at
Farmer’s Markets in Portland can be found at Monument Square and Deering Oaks during the growing season. The schedule can be found below.
Farm and Homestead Day information can be found at the address below:
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