Homeless Youth: June 17th, 2013

Tonight the subject of our show was teen homelessness.  We are joined with both staff and youth writers from the Preble Street Teen Center in Portland.

Before the break:  Lauren Taylor, the currently the head of the weekly writing program at Preble Street Teen Center, and some of her students, join us in the studio to read original works and speak about the Center, which provides housing, food, and clothes to teens.  Teen writers Bekha and Sarah read their works on air.

After the break:  We were also joined by Chris Bricknell, who is in charge of daily operations at the Teen Center. Youth writers and painters Bekha and Lauren talk about their experiences, and Lauren reads her poetry on air.

Blunt producer features from tonight’s show:  “Homelessness: It Could Happen to Anyone, Even My Dad” by Iris SanGiovanni is about her father’s six months of homeless when Iris was eight.

From the show:  The Preble Street Teen Center: http://www.preblestreet.org/teen_center.php Homeless Youth: June 17th 1

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