Feminism: July 22nd

This week our hosts Olivia Bradstreet and Gaby Ferrell discuss intersectional feminism.  How is feminism currently perceived?  What does it mean to be a feminist in Maine, and what should be brought to the forefront of our discussions?  We joined with several guests, including the director the Study of Women and Gender at USM Dr. Wendy Chapkis and Imran Siddiquee from Miss Representation, among others.

Feminism: July 22nd


Summer of Love: July 15th


On this summer night we reflect on the famous “Summer of Love” of 1967.  Flocks of people moved to California and New York City in a rare migration driven by music, politics, and a desire to return to a more peaceful time.  While the circumstances quickly changed, the summer of ’67 has remained a touchstone of modern society.  Hosts Iris and Anthony talk to three guests who experienced that summer about what it meant to them at the time and ask them to share how they feel about it now.

1-01 Summer of Love

Geek Culture In Maine: July 8


On this weeks show, we are talking about Geek Culture In Maine. With the recent growth of geek culture, geek cons, and community history role-playing, we are going to be talking to guests ranging from Stephen King geeks, to Con organizers. With our hosts, Adam and Olivia Bradstreet, and a piece by Matt Osman and Iris Sagiovanni, talking to a local comic store, and about their own con.Geek Culture

Patriotism: July 1st

On this week’s show, in preparation for Thursday’s festivities, we took the opportunity to speak about patriotism and what it means.   One day a year we express our patriotism, but how do we feel in our daily lives?  Our hosts Izzy and Gabby speak to several guests about what it means to them.  Blunt producer Morrigan also provides a feature on what Portland citizens think of when they are asked about the Fourth of July.

From this week’s show:



Patriotism: July 1st

Local Hip Hop: June 24th

Maine hip hop is a vibrant part of our community.  This week, our hosts Iris and Milena interview local hip hop artists Sonya Tomlison and Saiyid Brent.  Tomlison also works for the Maine’s Women’s Center and SPACE Gallery in Portland, and  Brent is an artist and educator.  Blunt Long Creek producer Reagan interviews artists Andrew Coffin and Tim Clorius who speak about hip hop and the recent Hip Hop Summit in Portland.  Hip Hop: June 24th