Open Mic: August 26th, 2013


Join Iris SanGiovanni and Anthony Lewis as we hear work by young poets and writers from the Portland Hive.  The Portland Hive provides workshops for young storytellers and is located here in Portland, ME.  This week we hear from Colin Sharpe reading the first chapter of his first person narrative fiction;Lena Rich reading five haikus and one poem; Maddie Pierce reading a piece of untitled first person fiction; Morganne Elkins reading an excerpt from memoire “Cold House”; Emma Jordan reading “Perspective on the Royal Birth in the Form of a Ransom Note”; Anthony Emerson reading excerpt of a first person narrative entitle “Zero Day”; Sarah Heath performing her poem “Contentness”; Malachi Whitten reading a piece of historical fiction about Ukrainian genocide; Theo Dean performs poem “Page Monster”; Maggie Brescia reading a short story;  Kiernan Cummings reading the short story “Cutting Grass”; Jessica Keast performs the poem “Silence”; Gabby Gaspandireads the short story “Thoughts of a Commuter”; and Mariam Jabbar reads a piece of short fiction.

For more information about Portland Hive – go here

Open Mic Show (Full Audio)


Tourism: July 29th 2013

Adam B. and Milena G. host our show this week, as we look into what it means to be state where tourism is so vital to our economy.  Every summer the make-up of our state morphs as the population balloons, and Blunt producers explore why that is.

Featuring vox pops by producers Jowles P. and Olivia B. and special guest from the USM Kreg Ettenger.

Tourism: July 29th, 2013

Human Perceptions of the Future, August 19th

Chris and Milena host this week’s episode as we delve into the ever looming future.  We are joined with our Blunt reporter in the field, Iris SanGiovanni bringing us breaking news on an issue that could affect the future of Maine and the world. Iris reported live from a South Portland city council hearing where an ordinance that would prevent the transportation of Tar Sands was debated. Also joining us this week,  Science fiction and fantasy writer Elizabeth Hand from Yonkers (and current Maine resident) talks about her life and works.

01 Views of the Future

The Gulf of Maine: August 12th

This week on Blunt, join hosts Iris and Olivia as they explore the wildlife of Maine’s coast.  Hear stories of wild animal encounters, and hear an interview with John Banks, the Director of the Natural Resources Department for the Penobscot Indian Nation, and Nick Bennett, a staff scientist for the Natural Resource Council of Maine.

Poem: “When the Animals Come to Us” Gary Lawless.

Features: 1. What animal best represents Maine and why?  VoxPop; 2.Lobster from the SALT Institute <>

3.Upstream  from the SALT Institute <.>;

The Gulf of Maine

Blunt seeks to share the airwaves with other youth organizations.

The Blunt Youth Radio project is entering its 20th year of providing direct media access to young people throughout Southern Maine. For nearly two decades, Blunt members both incarcerated and free have taken to the airwaves to speak about the issues that are important to them.

As we approach this benchmark, we are thinking a lot about ways to extend more on-air opportunities to other youth-serving and youth-run programs in Maine. There is a thriving youth movement in our state. We want to be a part of it, and we want to see it grow. We can do this by sharing our knowledge and media resources to amplify the voices of Maine youth who are working to empower each other and improve their communities.

If you are a young person with a project or an idea, or if you are an organization that serves or is run by youth, we want to feature you on Blunt Youth Radio. This collaboration could take many forms. We can simply interview you on our live show, or you can help us think of more creative ways to showcase your work and your community. Live readings? Theater? Recordings? The sky is the limit. It can be a series, or a one-time show.

Please contact Claire Holman to learn how to get involved.




Reproductive Rights, Monday August 5th

This week, hosts Olivia Bradstreet and Kate Hull speak with three guests on diverse topics and issues related to Reproductive Rights. Eliza Townsend, Executive Director of the Maine Women’s Lobby, and Lauren Grousd, Clinical Counseling Director at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England joined us in studio. Robin Mandell, volunteer Executive Director of joined us by phone.

01 Reproductive Rights

Abortion Anniversary


Sites and resources:

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Maine Women’s Lobby