Open Mic: August 26th, 2013



Join Iris SanGiovanni and Anthony Lewis as we hear work by young poets and writers from the Portland Hive.  The Portland Hive provides workshops for young storytellers and is located here in Portland, ME.  This week we hear from Colin Sharpe reading the first chapter of his first person narrative fiction;Lena Rich reading five haikus and one poem; Maddie Pierce reading a piece of untitled first person fiction; Morganne Elkins reading an excerpt from memoire “Cold House”; Emma Jordan reading “Perspective on the Royal Birth in the Form of a Ransom Note”; Anthony Emerson reading excerpt of a first person narrative entitle “Zero Day”; Sarah Heath performing her poem “Contentness”; Malachi Whitten reading a piece of historical fiction about Ukrainian genocide; Theo Dean performs poem “Page Monster”; Maggie Brescia reading a short story;  Kiernan Cummings reading the short story “Cutting Grass”; Jessica Keast performs the poem “Silence”; Gabby Gaspandireads the short story “Thoughts of a Commuter”; and Mariam Jabbar reads a piece of short fiction.

For more information about Portland Hive – go here

Open Mic Show (Full Audio)


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