Begathon: September 30th, 2013

Blunt’s Begathon Show, September 30, 2013

Friends and supporters of Blunt Youth Radio. It’s WMPG’s fall fund-raising time and Blunt is set to rock the airwaves with support for what we do. In the past, we’ve had the top-earning hour on WMPG. Amazing! I’m asking you to help make that happen again. And remember, NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL!! We love all donations!!!

Here are 3 ways to make it happen: 1) Call 207-874-3000 during Blunt’s show on Monday, September 30th; that night we’ll run 7:00-8:30 p.m. (not just the usual 7:30-8:30). 2) Donate at Mention Blunt toward the end of the transaction either under the “instructions from buyer” or under the question: “What premiums would you like?” You can request your gift AND mention Blunt. 3) Call ANYTIME 207-874-3000, but be SURE that the person answering the phone writes down the show code for Blunt — lucky number 12!!

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School Lunch: September 23rd, 2013


Join hosts Leo Hilton and Kate Hull as they discuss school lunch. Joining them in the discussion is a man responsible for the serving of 55,000 meals every day to students, Ron Adams Director of Food Services for Portland Public Schools.Tune in for features produced by Henry Jones with help from Matt Osman, and the SALT Institute(Hot Lunch).

For more information:

History of school lunch


01 School Lunch Sept.23

Middle School: September 16th ,2013

 I think we all agreee that middle school was an awkward, sweaty time for you. You might not want to be reminded of the middle school life, but let’s look back on your middle school life with us.

Join hosts Gaby Ferrell and Milena Germon as they discuss middle school with middle school teacher at Lincoln Middle School: Antona Briley, 8th grader at Mahoney Middle School: Erica Glidden, and our intern here at the radio station from Tokyo: Naoki Tsujimoto.

Through out the show we’ll be playing clips high school students are talking about their middle school life, please enjoy their fresh voice as well.

01 Middle School

Agriculture: September 9th, 2013


It’s fall: for some it’s school time for others it harvest season. Perhaps you’re not a farmer, well then it’s time for apple picking or attending local fairs.

Join hosts Sierra Stalker and Iris SanGiovanni as they discuss agriculture, with a bountiful  crop of topics to discuss from the appeal of Supreme Court case against Monsanto Agriculture Corporation with owner of local Wood Prairie farm and President of the Organic Seed and Growers Association Jim Gerritsen; to youth gardening with Laura Mailander, a garden educator at Portland elementary schools and Cultivating Community; and later in the show we’ll be discussing the Common Ground fair with Jim Ahearne, Director of the Common Ground Fair produced by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA).

Go to the following links for more information:

Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association et al. v. Monsanto

Monsanto Company’s Safety and Technical Information

Information on MOFGA’s Common Ground Fair

Agriculture Sept. 9th 2013

Hunger: September 2nd, 2013


According to the Good Shepherd Food-Bank, ” 15 percent of Maine households, or approximately 200,000 people, are at risk of hunger,” so why is this such an invisible issue?

Join hosts Kate Hull and Tyler Simpson as they discuss hunger with guests Tom Andrews, administrative coordinator of We Who Care Inc a Maine based non-profit organization, and Alex Kelly, facilitator of the story collective project “Listen to this: Recording Stories of Bangor’s Homeless.”(Full audio of this project can be found at WERU)

Throughout the show we’ll be playing clips from a longer project that reporter Iris SanGiovanni has been working on in collaboration with Portland Ovations and “Who’s Hungry?”, an experimental puppetry performance  that  gives a face to hunger. It will be coming to Portland this Spring- for more information go here.

And reporter Matt Osman shares a commentary about his fear of the homeless: Osman Preble Feature

For more information about Hunger statistics for Maine and the Nation check out:

Good Shepherd Food-Bank

Feeding America


Hunger Sept. 2nd 2013