20th Anniversary of Youth Empowerment: Donate to WMPG

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Join us as we celebrate 20 years of youth empowerment through radio! Tonight we’ll be looking back over the years on past radio pieces and speaking with the Blunt members who made it all happen. Leo and Sophie will be the hosts for the evening.


And Blunt Radio Project couldn’t happen without the support of WMPG, community radio for Southern Maine.  Please contribute to WMPG’s Begathon: fall fundraiser by calling (207)874-3000 or donating via wmpg.org!

Check out the WMPG Swag (requires one small donation): http://wmpg.org/Begathon2014SpringGifts.htm

Climate Change


Climate change affects everybody. So, how can you get the facts? How can you help? Hosts Helen Cunningham and Aidan Carter discuss with Meaghan LaSala, Ben Lake, Allyson Gross, and Christine Bagliari around the topic of climate change and how we can (and should) be taking care of the lovely planet we call home. Marches, movies and more activism are happening. Check out some of the sites:

People’s Climate March – September 21, 2014 in NYC

Movie about climate Change: Disruption

Generation Climate Convergence – Generation Climate Convergence: Strengthening the youth climate justice movement in the Northeast! Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uByMd08kSx6FElKxILwy6mjp8sLXEs5aqKdWDLAWSns/viewform

THIS October 4th and 5th, Maine college and high school aged youth are invited to a weekend-long convergence. 

ALSO: WMPG’s BEGATHON fall fundraiser is starting in TWO DAYS (September 17- 23)!! Please consider donating to the community radio you know and love!!! Make sure you say that Blunt sent you! Best of all, donate by phone or online during our upcoming Blunt show on Monday, September 22nd!  

Plastics & Recycling: September 1st

Have you ever wondered: What is a plastic? What goes into recycling? And how does this all affect you?


Hosts Moses Small and Lucy Tabb are joined in studio with: Tyler Kidder, the Assistant Director of Sustainable Programs at the University of Southern Maine and works across all three campuses to decrease environmental impact; and Leo Maheu an Environmental Educator with EcoMaine working in schools, community organizations, and other groups to advocate about sustainability as it relates to recycling and waste management.