Debunking the Myths of the Teenage Brain


What sets the teenage mind apart from that of an adult? Why do teens seem to make decisions differently, and what does this mean for you? Blunt hosts Moses Small and Rosemary Santoro are joined by Scott Shibles, Director of Student Life and Wellness teacher at Casco Bay High School, Joyce Nadeu, a Social Worker at Cape Elizabeth High School, and Ann Marie Albano, Practice Sample and Exam Coordinator for Columbia University in exploring the development of the teenage brain.

Urban Exploring, 11.17.14


Blunt Youth Radio’s hosts Milena Germon, Matt Osman, and Violet Sulka/Hewes investigate the topic of “Urban Exploring,” the exploration of lost and seldom-visited places. The show includes a feature produced by Leo Hilton and conversations with guests Ryan Prescott, from Abandonment Maine (, David Fiske, author of Forgotten on the Kennebec: Abandoned Places and Quirky People (, and Rob Dobi, of New England Ruins ( Blunt explores the many facets of urban exploring. From personal anecdotes to discussions on the ethical and legal angles of the issue, the show delves into every nook and cranny of largely unnoticed places all around us.

Net Neutrality — Online Privacy

The internet is a resource that almost all of us rely upon in our daily lives for work, school, and entertainment. Should corporations, the government, or other people be allowed to know everything that you do on the internet? Should ISPs be allowed to choose what information you can see and a what speed?

Join hosts Leo and Taka as they discuss the highly relevant issues of Net Neutrality and Online Privacy.

Public (Dis)Trust of Police



Join hosts Lucy and Gaby as they discuss the local and national public’s trust of the police.

Our guests for the night include:

Grainne Dunne, the justice coordinator for the ACLU of Maine

Bethany Sack, the leader of a group of Portland citizens working to find alternatives to police

and Pious Ali, a Portland school board member who works closely with the immigrant and youth communities in Portland

Listen at 90.9, 104.1, or

Call in at 780-4909 with any comments, questions, or opinions!