Tonight, hosts Joliet Morrill and Milena Germon host an intriguing show on stress, including a short piece by Matt Osman. Guests include clinical psychologist Gordon Street, and Alan Comeau, the communications director at Acadia Hospital and executive producer of “The Road Back”, a film about the stigma surrounding adolescent mental health.


A link to “The Road Back” can be found here.

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Capitalism and Internet Culture

June 20th, 2015

Join hosts Leo Hilton and Aidan Mitchell as they discuss the culture of  the internet and the way that it is used to sell us things.

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Upcoming Presidential Election

What do you think of the Presidential candidates so far? What are your thoughts on youth voting? What issues should young voters be focusing on? Join hosts Joliet Morrill, Oona Mackinnon-Hoban, and Setareh Jalali as they discuss these questions and more with young local political activists.

Guests include Marpheen Chann, the chair of both the Maine Young Democrats Minority Caucus and the Maine Law LGBT Law Caucus, Sam Underwood, deputy director of communication for the Portland chapter of Maine Young Democrats, and Eamonn Dundon, a former Senate page and rising Senior at Portland High School who is involved in the political scene of Portland.