Video Games

Tonight’s episode, hosted by Nathaniel Harrington and Aidan Mitchell, focuses on video games and the people who make them. There are three very special guests: Mikee, community manager and voice actor for Insurgency, who has also worked on Underhell and Black Mesa; Lilith Zone of, who makes all sorts of bizarre and thought-provoking games; and Porpentine, an indie dev who works primarily with text-based games who has previously written for Rock Paper Shotgun. There will also be an awesome feature by Matt Osman.

Be sure to listen in and hear about a variety of fascinating stuff about the games, developers, and the gaming industry!

Upcoming Presidential Election: Part 2

Join hosts Joliet Morrill and Setareh Jalali as they discuss the upcoming presidential election, the candidates, current issues, and the importance of youth voting. This is part 2 in our presidential election series, and this time we’re switching things up and taking a look from the Republican side.

Guests include Abby Bennett, a student at the University of Maine in Orono and the Vice Chair of the Maine Federation of College Republicans, Matthew Gagnon, the Chief Executive Officer of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, and Lee Jackson, the Penobscot County GOP Chairman.

Local Artists and Businesses

What does buying local mean to you? Being in Maine, Portland especially, we are in an area that values local businesses. Not only do we value local businesses, but we also value local arts. From musicians to nonprofit organizations like Space Gallery, Portland is full of opportunity. Tonight on Blunt, we’re speaking with two people that help facilitate local businesses and artists- Elise Pepple, the volunteer coordinator for Space Gallery, and Jenn Thompson, ambassador for Portland Buy Local


The show is hosted by Joliet Morrill, Moses Small, and Aidan Mitchell.

Music Releases, Sex Trafficking, and Lions, Oh My!

Join Joliet Morrill, Aidan Mitchell, and Setareh Jalali as they host a magazine-format show including a range of topics from the music industry to more serious issues like global sex trafficking.

Look forward to a feature with Ruchira Gupta, an Indian sex trafficking abolitionist, journalist, and activist, and the founder of Aape Aap, a grassroots movement to end sex trafficking, and Juhi, a young Indian girl whose mother was a sex trafficking victim saved from the business. Juhi is now attending a 6-week CIEE course and has been granted free admission to USM after she gets her High School diploma.

Some more light-hearted topics include Frank Ocean’s maddeningly delayed album release, Drake and Meek Mill’s rapper beef, and whether or not 2-year-olds should be yelled at in restaurants!

Tune in from 7:30-8:30 PM!

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Justice for Women