School Safety and Debunking Myths

Tonight on Blunt hosts Sophie Frantz and Peter Mazjanis will be talking with superintendent Jenne Crocker, Portland High School vice principle Kathleen Marquis-Girard as well as the student school board representative Ludiya Abdalla. We will talk about maintaining a safe school environment, whether it be from outside threats or bullying within the school.













The Dual Threats of Terrorism and Islamaphobia

Join hosts Malcolm Purington and Setareh Jalali as they discuss the current face of terrorism and the Islamaphobia that has arisen side by side with it. They will be speaking to Pious Ali and Kerem Durdag, two Muslim community leaders.
Pious Ali a long-time community activist who works at USM’s Muskie Institute as a Youth and Community Engagement Specialist. Other youth-focused community work includes his role as a facilitator for Seeds of Peace and as founder of the Maine Interfaith Youth Alliance. Originally from Ghana, Ali was also the first African-American and Muslim to be elected to the Portland School Board.
Kerem Durdag is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Biovation llc, a company that produces and develops non woven, sustainable bio polymer fabrics. Kerem is also a published essayist and poet. He recently wrote and commentary on his thoughts as a Muslim in the United States in light of recent events, kerem, thank you for joining us.

Kerem Durdag’s article: