Girls & Sex! Interview With Author Peggy Orenstein

In a world where women are either “sluts” or “prudes,” how do you win? What are we even winning?

Join your hosts Milena Germon and Setareh Jalali on their exploration of the multi-dimensional world of adolescence and sensuality from 7:30-8:30 PM on 90.9 or 104.1. We had the honor of interviewing “Girls & Sex” author Peggy Orenstein about Kim Kardashian, faux-liberation, female sexuality, hookup culture, sexual education, and more! This is an especially relevant topic for two young women growing up in a hyper-sexual culture. Tune in folks!

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Portland Museum of Art

Did you know that there is a Learning and Interpretation department at the Portland Museum of Art? Tune into Blunt Youth Radio to hear more about this department and different interpretations of art on May 2, 2016 with hosts Zoe Farr and Joliet Morril. They will be talking to the associate educator for youth learning in the Department of Learning and Interpretation at the Portland Museum of Art, Louisa Donelson, Learning and Interpretation assistant, Meghan Quigley, and an Intern in the Learning and Interpretation Department working on his Ph.D in art history, Will Harper. Surprisingly you do not need to graduate college or be in college to be an intern, you can also be in high school like our host Joliet Morrill, and guest Frederick Steingberg.

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