Reproductive Rights

Tonight on Blunt: Our hosts, Clare Considine and Milena Germon, will be tackling the subject of reproductive rights. They will be discussing pop culture topics, such as controversial television host Tomi Lahren’s recent ban from The Blaze due to her public declaration of her pro-choice views. They will also be speaking about reproductive rights here in Maine, and asking questions related to how the media and our culture has an impact on reproductive rights.

Planned Parenthood supporter by Flickr user Sarah Mirk
Planned Parenthood supporter by Flickr user Sarah Mirk

Our guests tonight are by Nicole Clegg, Vice President of Public Policy at Planned Parenthood in Maine, Hannah Comfort, a youth activist at Waterville Sr. High School, and Madeline Blodgett, the Director of Partnership at The Sea Change Program.  Tonight’s show is not a show you wanna miss, so make sure you tune in to WMPG on 90.9 or head to from 7:30-8:30pm!

Climate Change and Mental Health

Climate change stressing you out? To many Americans, climate change is a matter of opinion, not fact. As natural phenomenons increase, so do psychological tensions. Tonight we discuss the link between global warming and mental health. If you think climate change is a problem, or it’s affecting your mental health in some way, tune in to Blunt Youth Radio @ 90.9 or 104.1 tonight from 7:30-8:30pm.