Local Activism

Portland protesters
Portland protesters


Tonight on Blunt Youth Radio, join hosts Gabby F. and Izzy T. as they discuss activism events local and nationwide. This evening on WMPG from 7:30-8:30 PM, we will investigate some causes Mainers are fighting for everyday, as well as some of the minds behind activism across the country. Join us as we shed light on USM budget cuts here in Portland, and the selfless activists still fighting for a bright future here at USM, and share our take on the volatile activism brewing in Ferguson .

Sustainability: March 24th, 2014

Join us as hosts Isaac H. and Henry J. as they discuss the topic of sustainability on Blunt Youth Radio. We’ll be speaking with students at Bowdoin college who have been studying state energy legislature, students of the University of Southern Maine working against the university budget cuts, and fundraising for the Spring Begathon at WMPG station.

Privatizing/ Commercializing Prisons: March 3rd, 2014


Join hosts Lucy Tabb and Gaby Ferrell as they discuss the difficult topic of prisons in Maine and the USA, commercialization, privatization, and more.


  • Joseph Jackson is the Assistant Coordinator for the Maine Prisoners Advocacy Coalition
  • Grainne Dunne is the Justice Coordinator for for ACLU Maine
  • Mark Dion is a Democratic Legislator for Portland and Falmouth
  • Raymonde Charles is the press secretary for the children’s defense fund.