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Tonight Blunt Youth Radio is fund-raising for our radio home, WMPG. Call 207-874-3000 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. EST, or donate online at And don’t forget to mention that Blunt sent you (so’s we get the credit).

As you know EVERY MONDAY NIGHT, high school age youth from the Portland area, both free and incarcerated, work together to create a live show from scratch, taking on topics that they care about, from their own perspectives. At Blunt, young people handle all aspects of show production: reporting, on-air hosting, selecting topics, locating guests, studio production, and broadcast engineering. Blunt also has an on-going outreach project with youth incarcerated by the State of Maine. Our program is the winner of thirteen regional and national broadcasting awards. Work produced by Blunt has aired on NPR, the BBC, Marketplace, and This American Life, among others. Keep the legacy going, help our home WMPG.

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20th Anniversary of Youth Empowerment: Donate to WMPG

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Join us as we celebrate 20 years of youth empowerment through radio! Tonight we’ll be looking back over the years on past radio pieces and speaking with the Blunt members who made it all happen. Leo and Sophie will be the hosts for the evening.


And Blunt Radio Project couldn’t happen without the support of WMPG, community radio for Southern Maine.  Please contribute to WMPG’s Begathon: fall fundraiser by calling (207)874-3000 or donating via!

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Plastics & Recycling: September 1st

Have you ever wondered: What is a plastic? What goes into recycling? And how does this all affect you?


Hosts Moses Small and Lucy Tabb are joined in studio with: Tyler Kidder, the Assistant Director of Sustainable Programs at the University of Southern Maine and works across all three campuses to decrease environmental impact; and Leo Maheu an Environmental Educator with EcoMaine working in schools, community organizations, and other groups to advocate about sustainability as it relates to recycling and waste management.

Smartphones, Dumb Kids? July 7th, 2014

“Just one more minute…”

“I just need to send one more email…”

“I could browse Instagram FOREVER!!!”

How many times have we heard or said these phrases, in response to daily social interaction?

Join hosts Lionel Whitehead and Milena Germon as they discuss technology dependence and addiction with Robert Gould–– a digital marketing & public relations consultant ; Writer /Blogger with Portland Press Herald. With a feature commentary from Matt Osman.

What is Art? June 16th, 2014

It’s been discussed and debated for CENTURIES… We may even be doing it right now… What is it? Well, that’s a good question. What is art?

Join hosts Rosemary Santoro and Helen Cunningham as they discuss ART.

To get that conservation started, we have with us in the studio two guests:

Cookie Harrist is a dance artist. In 2013 she founded Hio Ridge Dance Collective right up the road in Denmark Maine. She is now head administrator. Her work and research move through a variety of mediums as she is a dancer, choreoghrapher, actress, poet, musician and costumer.

Delaney McDonough is a dance artist and improviser. She is the co-director of Hio Ridge Dance Collective and has done extensive work in choreography and mixed media presentations. Cookie and Delaney, welcome to the show.



Join us for our OPEN HOUSE on MONDAY, JUNE 16th from 7:00-8:30pm! 

Blunt Youth Radio Project is located at the WMPG Station, community radio based on the University of Southern Maine Campus, at 92 Bedford Street in Portland, Maine.

You can expect at the OPEN HOUSE:

  1. To learn about making radio from HOSTING a live show, REPORTING for radio, ENGINEERING a broadcast, and making creative audio productions!
  2. Meet other TEENS from ALL around the Greater Portland area!
  3. Oh, and did we mention there’ll be PIZZA, PRIZES, and FUN!!


  1. You’ll have opportunities to TRAVEL to RADIO CONFERENCES
  2. BUFF UP that COLLEGE RESUME you’ve worked so hard to build

MONDAY, JUNE 16th from 7:00-8:30pm at 92 Bedford Street in Portland. 

For MORE INFO:  Claire Holman at: 207-650-5835 or



Human and Sex Trafficking: June 9th, 2014

Human Trafficking is a scary issue that may seem relatively distant from Maine. However, it isn’t.

Over the past few years the number of phone calls to the National Human Trafficking Center from Maine has nearly doubled from 24 annually to 46– based off statistics from Preble Street Resource Center.

And in a recent statement from Daniella Cameron, manager of the Preble Street Anti-Trafficking Coalition, “Sex trafficking can happen anywhere there are vulnerable victims and people willing to exploit their poverty, desperation or hopelessness. Sex trafficking is not just a third-world problem, nor is it just a big-city problem. It is happening in our own Maine communities with alarming frequency.”

Tonight on Blunt youth Radio we will be discussing Human trafficking both locally and on a larger scale. We will be joined by:

Jon Bradley, the associate director at Preble Street Resource center in Portland, Maine; Brian Cress, who serves as International justice Mission’s Director of Youth Mobilization educating middle and high school students about violence against the poor;Donna Yellen who is the Chief Program Officer at Preble Street Resource Center in Portland, Maine; Erin Albright, the Regional Program Director for Give Way to Freedom, and previously worked for two and a half years for the Boston Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit; and Courtney Schaad, the founder and president of Give Way to Freedom, a foundation dedicated to enhancing the care and empowerment of survivors of human trafficking, and a psychotherapist for survivors of trafficking and torture.

Ukraine And U.S. Foreign Policy: June 2nd, 2014

In the past months, the conflict in Ukraine has been all over the news.

Not only conflict within the country, but also with Russia, as well as the West.

Tonight on Blunt Youth Radio hosts Leo Hilton and Lucy Tabb will be discussing the current situation in Ukraine.

First, where is Ukraine? What’s the capital? what is Crimea? And who are the three ethnic groups who live there?

Guests: Artur Kaptelenin is a long time WMPG DJ for twith a mother born in Kiev Ukraine,. He’s original from The USSR, now Russia.  He left the Soviet Union And has organized a community TV forum on Russia and Ukraine.

And Kiril Slusky is a Ukrainian Native who moved to the United States from Crimea when he was 2 years old. He is currently a senior at Portland High School.