life as a teen in 2016

View the world through teen eyes this week on Blunt Youth Radio as we talk about joining the political process and the usefulness of homework. Hosts Setareh Jalali and Aidan Mitchell continue the conversation with a discussion about college prospects and Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

As Promised here is the video of Alice’s Trum rally experience.

In The Public Eye

Join Aidan Mitchell and Sophie Frantz as they discuss editorials and being in the public eye with political consultant Alan Caron and Ethan Brouder from Greely Highschool.

Alan Caron article in the Portland Press herald

Ethan Brouder’s article in the Bangor Daily News

New technology

Join Hosts Matice Maino and Aidan Mitchell, as they tackle the good and the bad effects of technology. They will be talking about serious problems, such as sexting, or important advances, such as the steps we are taking towards a smart world. We will be talking to guests such as Michael Wolfe,founder of NextMarket Insights and host of the Smart Home Podcast.

Please join us for a meaningful conversation on technology, tonight at 7:30 EST.

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Capitalism and Internet Culture

June 20th, 2015

Join hosts Leo Hilton and Aidan Mitchell as they discuss the culture of  the internet and the way that it is used to sell us things.

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The US Film Industry brings in over 30 billion dollars every year, but what about our little slice of the film scene? Greater Portland is home to a small but thriving independent film scene. This week on Blunt, we talk to both filmmakers and enthusiasts about the films in general, as well as from a local perspective.

Hosts Leo Hilton and Aidan Mitchell talk with guests Evan Hill and Nathaniel Harrington about films, both youth produced as well as major motion pictures.

Net Neutrality — Online Privacy

The internet is a resource that almost all of us rely upon in our daily lives for work, school, and entertainment. Should corporations, the government, or other people be allowed to know everything that you do on the internet? Should ISPs be allowed to choose what information you can see and a what speed?

Join hosts Leo and Taka as they discuss the highly relevant issues of Net Neutrality and Online Privacy.

Salt, Sugar, Fat; The Modern Plague?

In 1999, the average American consumed about 158 pounds of sugar each year, 30 percent more than they had in 1983. listen to Milena Germon and Helen Bellafiore as they discuss salt, sugar, and fat with:


  • Rebecca Boulis: Assistant Clinical Professor at UNE; previously a Research Associate at ChildObesity180, a multi-sector organization focused on reversing the trend of childhood obesity within one generation’s time. Rebecca is very involved in public health and engaging the community in that action.




  • Michael Moss: The award-winning author of “Salt, Sugar, fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us”. He is also a well-known reporter for the New York Times and has won the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting on contaminated meat and food safety, addressing the issue of “pink slime”.




  • Eve Schaub: The award-winning author of “Year Of No Sugar”, a personal novel that addresses where our daily sugar comes from and how it affects us, and how Eve Schaub and her family challenged their sugar addiction for an entire year.