Reproductive Rights

Tonight on Blunt: Our hosts, Clare Considine and Milena Germon, will be tackling the subject of reproductive rights. They will be discussing pop culture topics, such as controversial television host Tomi Lahren’s recent ban from The Blaze due to her public declaration of her pro-choice views. They will also be speaking about reproductive rights here in Maine, and asking questions related to how the media and our culture has an impact on reproductive rights.

Planned Parenthood supporter by Flickr user Sarah Mirk
Planned Parenthood supporter by Flickr user Sarah Mirk

Our guests tonight are by Nicole Clegg, Vice President of Public Policy at Planned Parenthood in Maine, Hannah Comfort, a youth activist at Waterville Sr. High School, and Madeline Blodgett, the Director of Partnership at The Sea Change Program.  Tonight’s show is not a show you wanna miss, so make sure you tune in to WMPG on 90.9 or head to from 7:30-8:30pm!

Pop Culture

Tonight on Blunt, we tackle the ever-changing world of pop culture. Hosts Joey Harrigan and Matice Maino will be discussing the role of politics in pop culture- including the roles played by music, celebrities, visual artists, and more. They’ll be joined by Variety cultural analyst Ted Johnson, and will feature a vox pop by Blunt member Ahmed Hameed.

2017-Oscars-89th-Academy-AwardsAs always, this is a call-in show! Reach the hosts with any questions or comments by calling 207-780-4909.


Tonight’s show is pretty [bleep]ing great. Two of Blunt’s finest Aidans- Aidan Richman and Aidan Mitchell- discuss censorship, safe spaces, trigger warnings and more. In the first half they’ll be joined by Catherine J. Ross, professor of law at George Washington University. Catherine’s an expert in constitutional law, family law, and issues including children. She’s also the author of Lessons in Censorship.
During the second half, other Blunt members will join the discussion to discuss their experiences with censorship and self-expression.


Here’s a gnarly diagram from Catherine’s book, Lessons in Censorship, elaborating a little more on the silencing of student speech.


Sex Education

Tonight on Blunt Youth Radio, hosts Setareh Jalali and Aidan Mitchell tackle something of a sensitive topic- sex education. They’re joined by three special guests: Quinn Gormley, an activist in Maine’s queer and transgender communities, Kerry Donahue, the director of the radio program at the Columbia School of Journalism, and Lauren Grousd, a Portland-based counselor and trainer for Mentors in Violence Prevention, a gender violence protection program.


This is, as usual, a call-in show- so contact us at 780-4909 to make your voice heard!


High School Theater

There’s no lack of drama in the world of high school drama this week, as hosts Matice Maino and Aidan MItchell speak to guests involved in their schools’ theater programs. Joining them tonight will be Greely actresses Brie Nicolaou and Evan Carrell, Greely stage manager Kaitlyn Megathlin, and Deering makeup director Evi Rondazzo.

Brie, Evan, and Kaitlyn are all involved in Greely’s upcoming production of The Learned Ladies. The showtimes for the production are below:
Thursday, March 17th at 7:30pm
Friday, March 18th at 7:30pm
Saturday, March 19th at 6:00pm (dinner theater)

Evi is the makeup director for Deering’s One-Act Festival production, which will be playing during the festival itself.


Tonight’s show is on a very controversial topic- opiates, opiate addiction, and recovery. Hosts Aidan Mitchell and Peter Mazjanis will be speaking with Zoe Odlin-Platz and Anne Spencer of the Needle Exchange, part of the India Street Public Health Center.  The Needle Exchange helps drug users stay safe by exchanging their dirty and used syringes for cleaner, safer equipment. It also provides education on drug risk reduction, HIV and other needle-borne diseases safety, and offers referrals to drug treatment programs.


Be sure to tune in, and don’t forget to call us at 780-4909 if you’d like to share your thoughts on this interesting and controversial issue.

Video Games

Tonight’s episode, hosted by Nathaniel Harrington and Aidan Mitchell, focuses on video games and the people who make them. There are three very special guests: Mikee, community manager and voice actor for Insurgency, who has also worked on Underhell and Black Mesa; Lilith Zone of, who makes all sorts of bizarre and thought-provoking games; and Porpentine, an indie dev who works primarily with text-based games who has previously written for Rock Paper Shotgun. There will also be an awesome feature by Matt Osman.

Be sure to listen in and hear about a variety of fascinating stuff about the games, developers, and the gaming industry!

Local Artists and Businesses

What does buying local mean to you? Being in Maine, Portland especially, we are in an area that values local businesses. Not only do we value local businesses, but we also value local arts. From musicians to nonprofit organizations like Space Gallery, Portland is full of opportunity. Tonight on Blunt, we’re speaking with two people that help facilitate local businesses and artists- Elise Pepple, the volunteer coordinator for Space Gallery, and Jenn Thompson, ambassador for Portland Buy Local


The show is hosted by Joliet Morrill, Moses Small, and Aidan Mitchell.


Tonight, hosts Joliet Morrill and Milena Germon host an intriguing show on stress, including a short piece by Matt Osman. Guests include clinical psychologist Gordon Street, and Alan Comeau, the communications director at Acadia Hospital and executive producer of “The Road Back”, a film about the stigma surrounding adolescent mental health.


A link to “The Road Back” can be found here.

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