The Republican Divide

As the presidential election season has progressed, there’s been a lot of discussion about disagreement and dissent in the Republican Party. What can we make of all of this as the Republican National Convention nears?

Join your hosts Aidan Mitchell and Setareh Jalali as they explore this question and more. They will be speaking to Dr. Ron Schmidt, Associate Professor of political science at the University of Southern Maine, and Jason Savage, Executive Director of the Maine Republican Party, about Donald Trump’s effect on the Republican Party and the possibility of a contested convention.

Tune into Blunt Youth Radio at 90.9 from 7:30-8:30 PM tonight!

Gender Theory

Join hosts Peter Mazjanis and Milena Germon as they explore the broad world of gender. They will be speaking to Lisa Walker, Associate Professor of English and Director of Women & Gender Studies at the University of Southern Maine; Oamshri Amarasingham, public policy counsel of ACLU Maine; and Gia Drew, program coordinator at EqualityMaine and president of the board of directors of Maine Transgender Network. 

Be sure to listen for stimulating conversation and exciting guests!

Upcoming Presidential Election: Part 2

Join hosts Joliet Morrill and Setareh Jalali as they discuss the upcoming presidential election, the candidates, current issues, and the importance of youth voting. This is part 2 in our presidential election series, and this time we’re switching things up and taking a look from the Republican side.

Guests include Abby Bennett, a student at the University of Maine in Orono and the Vice Chair of the Maine Federation of College Republicans, Matthew Gagnon, the Chief Executive Officer of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, and Lee Jackson, the Penobscot County GOP Chairman.

Upcoming Presidential Election

What do you think of the Presidential candidates so far? What are your thoughts on youth voting? What issues should young voters be focusing on? Join hosts Joliet Morrill, Oona Mackinnon-Hoban, and Setareh Jalali as they discuss these questions and more with young local political activists.

Guests include Marpheen Chann, the chair of both the Maine Young Democrats Minority Caucus and the Maine Law LGBT Law Caucus, Sam Underwood, deputy director of communication for the Portland chapter of Maine Young Democrats, and Eamonn Dundon, a former Senate page and rising Senior at Portland High School who is involved in the political scene of Portland.

Plastic Bags and Recycling

This Monday at Blunt Youth Radio, Savannah Plummer and Matt Osman talk to Sarah Lakeman, Sustainable Maine Project Director, and Will Everitt, Development Director from the Friends of Casco Bay about plastic bags and recycling. To find out more about what Sarah Lakemand does, check out her out here. To find out more about what Will Everitt does, check him out here.

Climate Change


Climate change affects everybody. So, how can you get the facts? How can you help? Hosts Helen Cunningham and Aidan Carter discuss with Meaghan LaSala, Ben Lake, Allyson Gross, and Christine Bagliari around the topic of climate change and how we can (and should) be taking care of the lovely planet we call home. Marches, movies and more activism are happening. Check out some of the sites:

People’s Climate March – September 21, 2014 in NYC

Movie about climate Change: Disruption

Generation Climate Convergence – Generation Climate Convergence: Strengthening the youth climate justice movement in the Northeast! Register here:

THIS October 4th and 5th, Maine college and high school aged youth are invited to a weekend-long convergence. 

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Human and Sex Trafficking: June 9th, 2014

Human Trafficking is a scary issue that may seem relatively distant from Maine. However, it isn’t.

Over the past few years the number of phone calls to the National Human Trafficking Center from Maine has nearly doubled from 24 annually to 46– based off statistics from Preble Street Resource Center.

And in a recent statement from Daniella Cameron, manager of the Preble Street Anti-Trafficking Coalition, “Sex trafficking can happen anywhere there are vulnerable victims and people willing to exploit their poverty, desperation or hopelessness. Sex trafficking is not just a third-world problem, nor is it just a big-city problem. It is happening in our own Maine communities with alarming frequency.”

Tonight on Blunt youth Radio we will be discussing Human trafficking both locally and on a larger scale. We will be joined by:

Jon Bradley, the associate director at Preble Street Resource center in Portland, Maine; Brian Cress, who serves as International justice Mission’s Director of Youth Mobilization educating middle and high school students about violence against the poor;Donna Yellen who is the Chief Program Officer at Preble Street Resource Center in Portland, Maine; Erin Albright, the Regional Program Director for Give Way to Freedom, and previously worked for two and a half years for the Boston Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit; and Courtney Schaad, the founder and president of Give Way to Freedom, a foundation dedicated to enhancing the care and empowerment of survivors of human trafficking, and a psychotherapist for survivors of trafficking and torture.

Middle East and Arab Spring: February 24th, 2014

Tune in Monday, February 24th as hosts, Trenton Johnson and Clare Kenny, discuss the string of demonstrations and protests taking off throughout the Middle East. We will be speaking with Ali Abdullatif, Professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at University of New England and Haleh Esfandiari, director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.